Frequently asked questions

Mælkesyrebakterier is the Danish word for “lactic acid bacteria”, which are highly beneficial microorganisms that promote the human body by enhancing digestion, stimulating the immune system, preventing and treating diarrhea, among other health benefits.  

Lactic acid bacteria are good bacteria that fall under the category “probiotics”. It may be hard to believe, but not all bacteria are dangerous. On the contrary, certain types of bacteria, such as lactic acid bacteria, have a beneficial role in the body and are found naturally in the human intestine.  

It is completely normal to feel a bit of activity in the stomach and intestinal system when starting to take lactic acid bacteria. This is due to the good bacteria in the capsules, which stimulate the gastrointestinal system.

Our supplements do not contain milk or traces of milk with exception of our High&GoGo Organic Milk Powder, which is made from organic milk from Thise Dairy. Although the name may be a bit misleading, lactic acid bacteria does not have anything to do with milk. These small microbes have been given their name, as they themselves produce lactic acid during the fermentation of carbohydrates in the human body.

The capsules are made from Maltodextrin and Hypromellose. Maltodextrin is a vegetable starch that is easily digested and is available in the form of a fine, white powder. Hypromellose is a stabilizer and thickener made from cellulose, which is naturally found in plant fibers.

No, there is no milk or traces of milk in Denps Mælkesyrebakterier. 

No, Denps’ supplements do not contain animal ingredients, except for our High&GoGo Organic Milk Powder for kids. 

Yes, but it is always a good idea to consult your doctor first.

Yes, it is possible to open the capsules so that you can easily pour the lactic acid bacteria powder on top of your food, or in liquids such as juice and water.
Denps Mælkesyrebakterier’s capsules are neutral in taste and small in size, making them easy to swallow.
You can buy our supplements here on our webshop or in our Denps store at Nørregade 4, Copenhagen, Denmark, 

Our Denps Mælkesyrebakterier capsules are small and neutral in taste – making them easy to swollow. If you prefer, you can also open the capsules, and mix the content in liquids or food. 

When buying probiotics, the content of lactic acid bacteria will always be stated in billions. This is referred to as “CFU”, which stands for “Colony Forming Units”, and denotes the amount of active, living microorganisms per daily dose.
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