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At Denps we offer products for both children and adults, because probiotics can benefit the entirer family. However it can be difficult to figure out wich supplements to take. Therefore we, at Denps, have chosen to make the chioce easy, by making products for everyone in the family.

For the smallest in the family, we offer our High&GoGo series, with supplements and Til de mindste tilbyder vi vores High&GoGo serie, der bygger på kosttilskud og functional foods. High&GoGo is for you, who wants to support your childs immune system growth and digestion.

For the rest of the family we offer probiotic supplements as both capsules and powder – so there is something for everyone!

Our supplements are created with great expertise and consist of the most well-documented lactic acid bacteria, including the BB-12®-strain, wich is described in over 400 scientific publications and included in more than 200 clinical studies. our premium lactic acid bacteria are produced by Danish Chr. Hansen, one of the world’s leading companies in the develpment of probiotics, with more than 145 years and experience behhind it.

Lactic Acid Bacteria for the whole family

At Denps we love Lactic Acid Bacteria, therefore it is one of our focus areas. 

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Denmark Probiotic Story – Probiotics the easy way

Denmark Probiotic Story is a probiotic supplement as powder, that comes in small sachets. Probiotics Story is both easy to consume and practical to take with you on the go everyday. The small, yet effective portion packages only weighs 1 g and contains 3 billion CFU’s of lactic acid bacteria. Ingest 1 sachet a day, with a glass of water or other cold food and beverages. You can also try mixing the powder into your child’s favorite yogurt, juice or smoothies.  

At denps, we focus on quality, which is why we only work with the best active ingredients on the market. Our unique BB-12®-strain has been described in over 400 scientific publications and is included in more than 200 clinical studies.
Likewise, LGG® has been used in both dietary supplements and foods since 1990, and has been studied in more than 3,000 clinical studies. 

Denps Mælkesyrebakterier – for you who wants a more probiotic lifestyle

Denps Mælkesyrebakterier is a probiotic supplement in capsules, that can be taken as a daily supplement to your diet. The capsules kan also be taken in periodically in connection with e.g. an antibiotic treatment or travel abroad. 

The chosen strains in Denps Mælkesyrebakterier are BB-12® and LGG®, there are among the world’s most well-documentet and has a high survivability through the intestinal syste. Therefore the strain are very stable and effective. BB-12® and LGG® are registered trademarks of Chr. Hansen A / S, and they are one of the world’s leading companies within the production of lactic acid bacteria, cultures and enzymes for food and nutritional supplements.


For the little ones

In a busy day-to-day life full of choices and decisions to make, it is only natural to feel a bit confused and overwhelmed in your efforts to be, do, and give your child the very best.

At Denps, we believe that the choice should be made simple! 

That is why we have developed our High&GoGo series that provides you as a parent with a range of products that are all safe and healthy for your child. Made with great expertise from the best and most trustworthy ingredients. We want High&GoGo to be both your and your child’s first choice – every time! 

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High&GoGo Milkpowder – Organic milk on the go

One package of High&GoGo Organic Milk Powder consists of 15 portion sachets of Danish organic whole milk powder. Dissolve the milk powder in water as instructed on the package, and enjoy the fresh, sweet taste of organic Danish milk wherever you are. It is 100% natural and pure; No sugar, artificial colors or flavors have been added. High&GoGo Organic Milk Powder is for children from 3-14 years. And of course adults can drink it too. Milk has a naturally high content of vitamins and minerals such as calcium, protein, vitamin B + B12, iodine and potassium.

The practical sachets make High&GoGo Organic Milk Powder ideal to bring along with you on the go. They do not take up much space in the bag, and you do not have to think about cooling them. Take the sachets with you on trips or when travelling abroad. This way, you always have good, Danish organic milk at hand.

The best thing about it is that it comes from happy cows on green grass – and you can taste it! 

A 2-i-1 supplement, that supports your childs immune system and growth

Our High&GoGo Mælkesyrebakterier med D-dråber is for you who wishes to support your childs immune system and groth – all at once! The drops are made contains Vitamin-D according to the Danish Health Authority’s recommendation of 10 micrograms pr. daily dose, as well as Lactic Acid Bacteria from the BB-12® strain.

The Danish Health Authority recommends that children from the ages 0-4 years receive a daily supplement of vitamin D corresponding to 10 µg (micrograms). Vitamin D supports the body in absorbing calcium and is important for a healthy bone and muscle development, as well as the normal function of the immune system.

There are many natural sources of vitamin D, but it can be difficult to meet the needed amount through food. Foods like fatty fish, meat, eggs, milk, and dairy products all contribute with vitamin D. A trip out into the sunshine is also an effective source of vitamin D, but remember, young children, do not benefit from direct sunlight. Always remember to use sunscreen!