Chr. Hansen

We are proud of our long-standing and close collaboration with Danish Chr. Hansen A/S, who is among the world leaders in the research and production of lactic acid bacteria for both food and dietary supplements.The bacterial strains in our Denps Mælkesyrebakterier,  LGG® og BB-12®, is both registered trademarks of Chr. Hansen A / S.

Food & Bio Cluster

In addition to our close collaboration with Chr. Hansen, we are also proud to be a member of Food & Bio Cluster and Organic Denmark. Food & Bio Cluster is a Danish organization that works to promote innovation within the Danish food industry through a strong network of knowledge, talent, investors, and companies.

Økologisk landsforening

We are also a member of Organic Denmark, an association that since 1981 has worked together with organic farmers, companies, and professionals to spread ecology in Denmark. Among other things, Organic Denmark has been involved in spreading the red Ø-label, a trademark that is used in Denmark to mark organic food products. Organic Denmark is continuously working to develop and disseminate ecological solutions with regard to climate and biodiversity change.