Our mision

Here at Denps our goal is to create the best products on the market. We strive to create supplements that deliver results and increase your sense of well-being. 

We belive that a healthy life, is a happy life with surplus and balance – so you can enjoy the wonderful moments

Good Bacteria

One of our primary focus areas is lactic acid bacteria, also referred to as probiotics or beneficial bacteria – bacteria of the kind that our body really likes. Bacteria make up the largest part of the human microbiota. Together with fungi, archaea, and viruses, bacteria form small “communities” in different places in the body. If we pay a little more attention to increasing the number of beneficial bacteria in our diet, our skincare, our household, etc., we can support and strengthen our microbiota.

Several studies have shown that especially the intestinal microbiota (our intestinal flora), is important for our immune system and thus also our general health. In addition, the balance of bacteria also influences our digestion, which for many plays a crucial role in daily well-being. In that regard, factors like stress, antibiotics, eating unhealthy food, but also travel or new surroundings can cause difficulties.

Whether in our stomach and intestines, our skin, our mouths, or elsewhere on the body, it is therefore important to maintain the balance of the microbiota by supporting and increasing the number of beneficial bacteria and thereby suppressing the harmful bacteria. In this way, we can support a healthy lifestyle and create more tranquility and quality of life.
We offer Denps Mælkesyrebakterier as a daily dietary supplement of beneficial bacteria consisting of the bacterial strains LGG® and BB-12®, which are among the most well-documented in the world. One capsule per day will contribute 10 billion live bacteria that will hopefully make a noticeable difference.

Nutrition and health for your little ones

In a busy day-to-day life full of choices and decisions to make, it is only natural to feel a bit confused and overwhelmed in your efforts to be, do, and give your child the very best.

At Denps, we believe that the choice should be made simple! – A single and safe choice, each and every time!

With our exclusive brand High&GoGo, we want to make it simple for parents to choose the best for their children.

The brand consists of a series of supplements and foods, all of which contribute to the growth and health of children. We strive to be the first choice for parents – associated with high quality and safety, and we are continuously developing new products. Always with the child’s natural development and joy in mind.
You can try our High&GoGo D-Dråber med mælkesyrebakterier, if you have a little new one at home. If they have grown a bit oldre, our High&GoGo mælkepulver is perfect, if you wishes that your child have the opportunity to have Danish Organic milk, everywhere at any time.